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september 1999

Those cheeky chaps at RISCOS Limited have cunningly hidden a classic game inside the latest release of the operating system, RISC OS 4. All you need to do to join in the fun is call the entry point of the 'IRQutils' module, which luckily is somewhat easier than it sounds! Just hit the F12 key, type BASIC at the prompt that appears and then follow this on the next line with SYS "OS_Module", 2, "IRQutils". Use Z, X and Return to fire! Beware, it quickly gets harder - those info icons take four hits to destroy!
Andreas Dehmel has produced an Acorn port of WadPtr, a program to compress Doom WADs (level files) whilst still producing a legal, usable WAD
R-Comp have announced that their add-on pack for Heroes of Might and Magic 2, The Price of Loyalty, will be available very soon since they have now received the requisite original packages. All that remains is to duplicate the Acorn driver discs
Darren Green new version of Paques, his Pacman clone, is now available from his website (after earlier access problems)
John Bain has designed some new maps for Heroes of Might and Magic 2 which are available from from his website
Various people in the comp.sys.acorn.games newsgroup have asked where they can obtain the game 2 Play from. If you're looking to play this game then pop along to the author's website - it's a two-player (oddly enough!) game where you have to destroy your opponent by firing various different weapons at them
Kindred Software report that work is still continuing on Skirmish after a two month break over the summer. Hopefully this means it will be available before Christmas!
Derek Marshall has set up some very comprehensive support pages for getting multiplayer DIY Doom working over a serial cable
Musus Umbra has updated his Angband ports, players of the text-character-based RPG will be pleased to know. Cthangband is now on version 3.1.2b, whilst Zangband reaches 2.2.6c. The front-end has also been updated.
If you've ever played the beautiful and addictive Asteroids-inspired Spheres of Chaos and have access to a PC then you might like to know about the free PC version that is available. You can download it from the author's website
Darren Green's Pacman-like game Paques has been upgraded to version 1.10, and now has the very welcome addition of an opional higher difficulty level alongside other extra features. You should be able to fetch it from here, but unfortunately the forwarding link is currently broken!

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