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forthcoming games

Dark Future original turn-based strategy game (11/12/98)
Darklands play God and fight battles (9/4/01)
Eat My Dust top-down two-player racer (6/2/01)
F16 Fighting Falcon jet fighter simulator (16/5/99)
Iron Dignity latest development news and pictures (5/2/01)
Quake the Acorn story so far (23/4/99)
Skirmish Worms-type game coming soon from Kindred Software (5/2/01)
Super Snail 2 platform-based arcade adventure (30/9/98)
TEK Command and Conquer-like strategy game (22/12/01)
ToyParty Mario Party for your Acorn (9/4/01)
Toybox Dreams two-player arcade action (2/7/00)

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Dark Future
Eat My Dust
F16 Fighting Falcon
Iron Dignity
Super Snail 2
Toybox Dreams

Abandoned games
Darklands, Fantasia's ToyParty and VOTI's EMD have all reported signs of life in the recent past, whilst Skirmish is apparently still ongoing but is way behind schedule and it looks like it might well never make it out. TEK and Iron Dignity are still on the way, although again both are pretty heavily delayed. And as for R-Comp's port of F16 Fighting Falcon, it looks like it will never be released, having been killed by frame-rates that were just too low.

Full Tek review now online - finally!
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