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june 1998

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Following recent upheavals at Acorn which saw various key staff leaving the company, including Peter Bondar and David Lee, Artex have refocussed their work on forthcoming strategy game TEK in order to concentrate more on the NC (network computer) release. The game will now be redesigned to use a slow modem and just 4Mb of RAM, as well as being playable in high resolution and with up to 8 human players over a local network or the internet. The Risc PC version will still use film clip cut scenes because work has already been done on them, and Artex intend to include special features for high-end machines (both to take advantage of extra memory and faster processors)
Shareware bomb game Marsquake has been upgraded to version 1.11 - the latest version fixes some bugs and has improved serial link code
Anyone who bought Artex's graphic adventure game Ankh prior to a day or two ago should download a patch to upgrade their game to the latest version from Artex's website
MAME, the multiple arcade machine emulator, is now on version 0.33 beta 6.1 for RISC OS, supporting 604 games! MAME now also supports zip files natively (so you don't need to decompress game archives)
R-Comp have released TCPIP network drivers for Acorn Doom. Also new on R-Comp's site is a port of Deth for RISC OS by Lee Noars - this is a full level designer for Doom
Andreas Dehmel continues to amaze by regularly updating his wonderful free Doom It Yourself port of Doom! (See old stories, including 4/6). The latest version has various improvements, including support for compressed WADs, armDeu 1.10 and an improved frontend
Descent, a 3D maze exploration and shoot'em'up game, has now finally been officially confirmed for Acorn release by R-Comp. Careful readers of the comp.sys.acorn.games newsgroup might well have deduced some time ago that this was due for release. Jack Parkinson (of Artemis fame) is handling the port. Earlier this year he also produced a free version of Doom which R-Comp requested him not to release (and he complied). Following this announcement, public announcement has also been made of a freeware port of Descent (by Matthew Bloch and Rik Griffin) in progress. R-Comp have attempted to stop work on the freeware version, although so far unsuccessfully. Read more on this story
Syndicate Plus (the Acorn version of Syndicate) and Artex's Ankh are both now on general release, and both are available in the UK from R-Comp or via UK dealers such as Desktop Projects
Robert Templeman has announced that Destiny missed its latest release date because of a major bug that was suddenly discovered. He hopes to complete it "soon"
Freeware RPG Angband, which makes clever use of normal ASCII graphics for its display, is now available in version 2.8.2 for Acorns from http://www.swallows.demon.co.uk/angband/
R-Comp have blamed the lack of network drivers for Acorn Doom on Justin Fletcher, but say they now have a beta version. DIY Acorn Doom already supports network play.
MESS, the "Multiple Emulation Super System", has finally been released - now you can play Megadrive, NES and other console games on your Acorn computer! Available for download now. It's disappointingly slow on my Risc PC 700, however - the NES emulator runs at about 2 frames per second, and the Megadrive one runs at between 1 and 3 seconds per frame!
Andreas Dehmel's excellent Doom It Yourself has been upgraded yet again! (See earlier stories below). The new version has various speed-ups and tidy-ups, as well as improved support for DeHackEd (which allows you to alter how the game behaves), extra cheats and also a few fixes for minor bugs

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