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september 1998

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Preview and screenshots of Super Snail 2 now available - read about this forthcoming arcade adventure game
A new company has been formed to try and rescue the Risc PC 2. One-time Acorn project leader Peter Bondar, whom many will remember having seen smashing up PCs with an axe at Acorn World 1996, has been appointed by a newly formed company of dealers and enthusiasts to overview work on completing this project outside Acorn. They are hoping for a release before Christmas
R-Comp Interactive have released Acorn Descent, the 3D maze-based shoot'em'up and exploration game. Costings £30, orders can be made via their web site. More details
A demo version of Syndicate is now available for download from R-Comp's web site, in the leisure section under 'downloads' (direct link). The demo is 670Kb in size
Musus Umbra has released ports of text-character RPG games Angband 2.8.3, Kamband 1.4, Sangband 0.9.5b and Zangband 2.1.1.c. These ports use ZapRedraw for a high-quality display, and allow the player to toggle back and for between full-screen and desktop play, as well as including sound support. These free games are available for download now
David Johnston is developing a sequel to the budget-priced Fourth Dimension-published Super Snail. Like the original, it's still a platform game, but this time there are added arcade-adventure elements.
Robert Templeman's Eternal Destiny has been substantially upgraded and revised from the original release, and the new version fixes many of the problems noted in the review on these pages. A new review is in preparation right now, and the reaction is far more positive. If you'd like to try out the latest demo of the game, then you can download it now from the Destiny web site.
Acorn announced today that they are to no longer produce home computers, and they are cancelling all work on the successor to the Risc PC, Phoebe. Around seventy employees have been sacked, and the scheduled Acorn World show in London has been "postponed". Acorn's Chief Executive, Stan Boland, said "There is not a big enough market for the PC [Risc PC], which is largely for home use and games. It's an enthusiast's product. We are going to resize the rest of the company and concentrate on becoming a digital TV and thin client company". There are rumours that other companies may invest in purchasing the work done so far on Phoebe, but it is clear that Acorn have made this decision because their figures showed that they would lose money by continuing any further with the project, which had recently been delayed, lending weight to speculation that it was further from completion than had been publically reported. The final termination of Acorn's love-hate affair with personal computers was very badly managed but sadly did not come as a complete surprise, although most insiders expected the company to struggle through as far as a limited sale of the finished machine. Acorn's press release is online.
An Acorn game makes the transition to the Sony PlayStation - Pushy 2 graces this month's Official PlayStation Magazine cover CD. This brings this superb freeware block-pushing puzzle game to over 300,000 more people! The Acorn version runs in a higher-resolution, however, so we've got one game that's better than on the PlayStation! Read the full report
Acorn MAME now emulates 766 arcade machines, having reached version 0.34 beta 2.1
Several of David McEwen's emulators have been upgraded - check out the emulation news page for the latest versions. He's also working on a port of MasterGear, which will provide a third Acorn 8-bit Sega emulator to accompany Miracle and the existing port of MasterGear (which is currently faster but I suspect will soon be overtaken). Also new is a port of an Atari 800 emulator.

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