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march 1999

Would-be Doom level designers might like to know that Alex Macfarlane Smith has recently updated his DoomWAD utility so that it now copes with a wider range of Doom WAD files. You can download the latest version from his web site.
I mentioned recently about the new CD version of Destiny being published by IDG Media - since then I've have some more time to test it a bit more and it's even better than I first realised. Other new features include a really very cool 'auto-look' feature which makes it automatically look up and down in an extremely intelligent way - it's so intelligent in fact that I find I never need to use the manual look ability! You can also now change the size of the screenmode it runs in, and on a StrongARM in high-resolution the level of detail is at times quite incredible, especially when combined with some of the disco-like real-time lighting effects. It's still spoilt by the cardboard-cutout indistinct enemies, but you can live with this. The plot-distance in particular is quite amazing, and it now runs faster than the various Doom-type ports for RISC OS (despite the fact it uses a true multilevel 3D map). Oh, and it no longer needs a 50Hz screen mode!
I've been playing Heretic lots and I love it - a full review of this and the other half of R-Comp's latest release, Hexen, is now online. I haven't had much success with multiplayer support, but I'm assured that if you use just a plain null modem cable then it all works perfectly
I can't be too explicit, but there are murmurings now that a certain game we might all have been waiting for for some time could be closer to release now another programmer might be taking over the reins - possibly maybe!
More details on Timothy Begbie's Universal Level Editor are now on his website

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