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january 2000

Werewolf Software, publishers of Tanks and the infamous Shuggy, are closing down - as a result they're selling off all their remaining stock at £7 apiece, which as far as their games are concerned is probably what they should have cost full price in the first place!
If you've ever watched Family Fortunes then you might like to try Pete Blanchard's pleasant Acorn version, which you can download from his website
Alex Macfarlane Smith's collection of StrongARM game patches is now available again from his website
R-Comp Interactive have updated their RISC OS version of Quake to version 1.09, fixing some bugs. If you own it and haven't received the update then send them an email asking for it
Artex Software have set up a new website for their forthcoming game, Iron Dignity. It features some not especially impressive screenshots of the PC version plus some appallingly bad text that clearly wasn't written by a native speaker. Pop over to www.iron-dignity.de to see for yourself
Visions of the Impossible have made some unfinished GEK games available from their website - the newest upload is SpeeC, a very basic space invaders type game. More interested is Joop, an incomplete platform game. You can also download NoWin and while away the time shooting down flying Windows logos!
ProAction are due to publish a new Play It Again Sam compilation - this one numbered '5'. It contains both Ego: Repton 4 and Air Supremacy, plus Kings Cross and Caves 2. Of these last two I know nothing, but hopefully I'll find out a bit more soon. If you're interested in buying it you can get a £5 discount on the usual price of £25 by mentioning Acorn Gaming when you contact ProAction
Acorn games coding group Visions of the Impossible have announced that they're taking over development of some games abandoned last year by GEK, the coding group responsible for various games including top platformer Emotions. They have a new coder but say they desperately need more graphics artists - if you're interested then please contact them
Paul Taylor has released the source code to Marsquake, a free Bomberman-like game

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