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february 1998

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Christopher Joseph recently mentioned the existance of a brand new Worms-type game called Skirmish in comp.sys.acorn.games - having seen a preview of this game, I can honestly say that it is graphically the most impressive game of its kind I have seen, so let's hope the final game lives up to its promise!
TBA have announced that their full commercial verion of Quake entitled, TBA-Quake, will be available to buy at the forthcoming Wakefield Show. A player-only release, current plans are to charge £14.99 to receive a copy by email or £19.99 on floppy disc. You will need to buy the original PC Quake separately in order to get the level files. See below
A classic 16-bit era game will be available "soon" in a superb, pixel-perfect Acorn port which is playable on all Acorn machines
Aleph One are progressing well on their implementation of VESA 2.0 and DirectDraw for Acorn PC cards, which when complete will allow newer PC games to run - and much faster than earlier games, too
Artex have announced that they have completed a large (3.5Mb!) demo version of Exodus
Psygnosis's WipeOut could be on the way from R-Comp Interactive - R-Comp have neither confirmed nor denied this story [also see story dated 4/3/98 superceding this]
Acorn MAME is now on release 0.30.1, with a beta 0.30.2 also available
A new emulator called MESS is in progress - this emulates various consoles, such as the NES and others
A full official Acorn release of Doom is now available, and R-Comp say they are now starting legal proceedings against the supplier of a free port of iD's public source code
A dedicated Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator is also under development - a port of xnes. As announced on these pages last year, Megadrive and SNES emulators are also on the way, but these last two are being developed for Acorn - the former will be freeware
All versions of Elite are now available for free, legal download, including the 32-bit Acorn version - go to http://people.netcom.co.uk/i.bell/elite/
A Macintosh emulator is under development, although whether it will be fast enough to play one of the (few) Mac games I wouldn't like to say!
New MSX emulator and new ColecoVision emulator released - play classic games from the 1980s

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