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july 2000

Acorn User's long-awaited games cover CD is now available - you have to get the magazine too but it's worth it for the games on the disc, which include some all-time classics. At only £4.20 you'd be silly not to buy it. Unfortunately, it appears that many of them weren't checked to ensure they worked properly in their supplied form, so you'll need to expend a little bit of effort to get some of them running. Also, most of them don't have instructions and some of them won't work at all. It takes quite a bit of time to sort out what's going to run and what isn't, plus how to actually control some of the games! To save you all this hassle, I've written over three and a half thousand words of help on fixing and playing these games!
New StrongARM patches for Phaethon, Heimdall and Quark are now available from http://www.vd-boogaert.myweb.nl/
If you're a fan of Stunt Racer 2000 you might fancy taking a look at the Stunt Racer 2000 league website.
A full review of Paradise's new budget game, Overload, is now online!
If you play Marsquake then you may be interested to know that a bug-fixed new version (1.14), as well as 100 extra multi-player levels, are available from the author's website.
Chris Bazley has released a utility for Star Fighter 3000 which allows you to redefine the keys. There's also a minor update for his texture design utility. Both are available from his website.

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