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november 1998

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Robert Templeman has confounded popular opinion by producing a stunning new version of his 3D Quake-esque game, Eternal Destiny. Read all about it here. This coincides with a special offer price reduction of £10 off the usual price of the game
One of my favourite games of early PC games of yesteryear is now available for retro-gaming Acorn users - you can download Digger from Julian Brown's web site, or check out the generic Digger homepage (the game's like Mr. Do/Ee)
Duncan Mortimer has released a new freeware desktop Monopoly game, which is available for download from his web site
The multiple arcade machine emulator, MAME, is now on version 0.34 beta 5.2, and supports 904 games. It can be downloaded from http://www.elecslns.demon.co.uk/MAME
Musus Umbra has been very busy producing new versions of Angband and its various clones for RISC OS. Current game versions available for download are Angband 2.8.3 (with and without Borg), Cthangband 3.0.0 (with 3.0.1 due very soon), Kamband 1.4 and 1.6, Sangband 0.9.5b, Zangband 2.1.1c and 2.2.1, and AngSound rel.3 (now with a sound.cfg file for Zangband 2.2.0+). You can download these from Musus Umbra's site. All the ports now use an improved front-end (1.10) which feature many new features, including the ability to use Zap fonts
R-Comp have released an improved version of Acorn Doom called Doom+. Current owners can upgrade for £10 - new purchasers get the improved version by default
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 has now been released by R-Comp Interactive - see the preview for details. It costs £35.
Pete Cathcart of Software 7 has announced that work on the strategy game King & Country has been scrapped due to loss of work, team members and a new computer to run it on
Kamband 1.5 is now available for RISC OS. You can download it from Musus Umbra's site. The update also includes minor improvements to the front-end.

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