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April 5th 2003
News page update
January 6th 2003
Took down Christmas and snow-covered graphics and replaced with normal ones
Updated copyright messages to 2003
December 19th
New news stories
October 6th
Two news stories
New release of BeebIt
Version 0.45 of BeebIt in download section
September 23rd
Finally put a full review of Tek online (actually wrote it in August)
July 1st
Various news stories
BeebIt sound fix story
May 30th (evening)
BeebIt update
New BeebIt in download section
May 30th (early morning)
Repton on PDAs and mobile phones
May 25th
Tek patched
May 14th
Tek news story and vingt et un story
May 8th
Tek prerelease news story
April 15th
Added Tek delayed news story
April 6th
Uploaded the past two months worth of news stories - sadly not very many!
Updated the emulation news
Download section - latest emulators added
April 4th
Closed the Tek competition
February 20th
Tek release date added to news
Sorry for lack of updates for nearly two months - more soon when I have time!
December 22nd
TEK T-shirt competition
Tek preview minor update
Updated news page
December 20th
TEK news story
December 6th
A new news story
This updates page fixed (thanks to Richard Goodwin for recovering the backup!)
December 5th
Some new news stories
A new emulation story about BeebIt
Download section updated
November 22nd
New version of ScummVM added to the download section
November 14th
Loads and loads of new news stories
Four new emulation news stories too
A few additions to the download section
Zip 2000 page updated
August 31st
Some new news stories
August 30th
New news stories
Also two new emulation stories, plus an update to the Capcom Play page
RiscCPS updated from version 1.00 to 1.10 in the Download section
August 25th
A couple of new emulation news stories
New news story
August 22nd
Updated the news page
August 16th
Finally made the emulation section as complete as I can, I think! Added an Apple emulator, three PC emulators, a Sega emulator, two Spectrum emulators, a ZX81 emulator and improved the CPC page. Minor link page fix too.
Added !CPC to the Download section
August 15th
Added all the emulation news I've been promising to catch up on for some time - plus some newer stories
Updated and added some emulation sub-sections
Download emulators section updated and added to
Fixed missing emulation section images - oops!
Very minor news page story update
Internal same-page '#' links now work properly even if there's more than one on a line!
Other minor updates
August 8th
Added some locally cached pages - see the news
July 23rd
New news stories
June 25th
New news story
Minor links update
Various other updates to acknowledge recent changes to site location and Perl to PHP transition
June 22nd
The news pages updated
Acorn Gaming moved to a new server - see the news for details
Site now run using a PHP script rather than statically built from a Perl program
April 14th
The early days of Acorn gaming - a personal lookback from an ex-Minerva employee
Various new news stories
Other minor updates
April 9th
New screenshots and details for the Darklands preview
News and pictures of forthcoming game ToyParty
Various tidying and minor updates, plus some link fixes
Sorry for the two-month update gap! Ph.D thesis overload...
February 9th
Artex story added to news pages
February 6th
Stacks of new news stories
Previews updated, including Iron Dignity and TEK
Other changes, including Castle Harenae finally moving from Previews to Overviews
Other minor updates, including a few Links updates
January 7th
Some in-depth news including comprehensive details of ProAction's Superior compilation CD
Finally updated the links section! I've decided to focus on Acorn games related links - it's too much work to try and keep a collection of all Acorn links together, and pointless since other people can do it better. But there's now a totally up-to-date and (I hope!) fairly comprehensive colletion of Acorn games-related links which I hope to now keep up to date.
Other minor updates here and there

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Updates made during 1999 (after new site design)
Updates made during 1998 (and 1999 up to new site design)
Updates made during 1997
Updates made during 1996

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