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March 2000

TBA Software, publishers of many Acorn games including Axis and BHP, have closed down. In an announcement on the 13th of March, TBA's Martin Piper stated that "All software development has finished and no further orders will be received or dispatched". He also stated that they will soon make the source code for their games and tools freely available from their website. When questioned as to whether the games themselves would also be downloadable for free, Martin told Acorn Gaming "Well since the source is being made available then binary versions will be distributed as well enabling the game to be played without compiling. I imagine."
Andrew Weston has launched a tribute site for the unique 8-bit Acorn game, Exile, which many regard as the single most amazing game ever written for any platform.
Visions of the Impossible have changed website again - their free games are now available at http://also.as/voti. There are also details of EMD, a new Micro Machines-style game they are currently working on.
David Llewellyn-Jones has released a free two-player competitive game, Castle Harenae. Download it from his website, or take a look at the preview of the game published last year

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