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april 1998

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TBA Software and R-Comp Interactive are teaming up to release iD Software's seminal Quake for the Acorn platform. This will be a properly licensed full commercial release which will include the original level files for the game. It is very unlikely that it will be possible to purchase the player without the level files - indeed, there are obvious commercial reasons why this must be the case, as for Acorn Doom
Kindred Software have given permission for 32-bit Acorn Gaming to publish some exclusive screenshots of their forthcoming new game, Skirmish
Robert Templeman's Destiny will now definitely be released at the Wakefield Acorn Spring Show 1998. Rob has booked a stand, and it turned out that the only free space was next to the rival TBA Software stand. This will probably be rearranged by the show organisers, however.
Work on Kindred Software's forthcoming Worms-type game, Skirmish is coming along well. Some screenshots of the latest version will be available soon from these pages.
David McEwen is working on a new 3D engine - the Java release will be on his web site soon, but the Acorn version will be vastly superior. Planned demos include a Quake-style demo with portals, and a car racing demo. Features include dynamic coloured lighting and shadows. Apparently the Acorn version already runs at an impressively high frame-rate, despite the current lack of major optimisation.
New versions of the Colem, fMSX and Xnes emulators have recently been released. New features include pause/restart, reset, extra screen modes and speed increases. The author, David McEwen, is also working on a ports PC Dragon, VICE, Stella and AdamEm - more details on these soon. Work on porting the latest version of Macintosh emulator vMac has also been started.

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