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may 1998

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R-Comp now have Syndicate running successfully on A5000s
Screenshots and more news on R-Comp's port of Syndicate are now available - the demo I have plays smoothly on my Risc PC 700
TBA's Quake driver for R-Comp is nearing completion - the final optimisation stage is now almost complete, with a recent improvement making it 40% faster on complex scenes
An ARM710 version of TBA's Brutal Horse Power now looks more likely, with possible NetStation-related interest shown in the game. TBA are also working on the specification of an as-yet unnamed 3D game which will begin development soon
Robert Templeman's Destiny failed to make its promised release at the Wakefield Acorn Spring Show. Despite having a stand booked, Rob did not attend the show and his stand remained empty. Apparently he telephoned the show organisers to say that his car had broken down, but this does not explain his complete non-appearance and subsequent lack of announcement as to the reason for his absence
R-Comp have announced that there is a small bug in the ARM3 versions of Acorn Doom sold at the recent Wakefield show - to fix it simply uncomment the first line in the !Doom.!Boot file (delete the '|' character). Copies sold since do not have this problem
R-Comp have announced that they will be publishing an Acorn version of Syndicate, the well-known action and strategy game. If you can imagine Cannon Fodder viewed from a different angle and with lots of added complexity, then you're on the way to Syndicate. The game will be demoed at the Wakefield Acorn Spring Show this weekend, but won't be available for purchase
More news from R-Comp is the first public confirmation from them that they will be publishing the official Acorn version of iD software's seminal Quake, developed by TBA Software (see news of 23/4/98). R-Comp have also announced that they will be publishing the full version of Abuse. Both of these will preview at Wakefield but not be available other than to order
Some new screenshots of Kindred Software's forthcoming new game, Skirmish, are now available
Also from R-Comp comes the announcement that Wakefield will see the release of an A5000-compatible version of Acorn Doom, and that the price of Doom will be cut by £5 to £30 at the show
Andreas Dehmel's superb Doom It Yourself has been upgraded. A superb Acorn version of Doom which you must compile yourself, the upgrades add network support and high-colour screenmode support amongst other improvements and bug fixes. Unlike R-Comp's Acorn Doom, DIY also runs on A5000s
The fMSX and xNes emulators have been updated and can be downloaded. xNes now supports lots more games, and has various bug fixes as well as joypad support, whilst fMSX now has a fully integrated desktop front-end. The author of these ports, David McEwen, has also ported Stella, an Atari 2600 emulator, and AdamEm, which emulates the Coleco ADAM
A regular comp.sys.acorn.games poster, Nathan Atkinson, has announced that he has obtained Fednet's level designers for Stunt Racer 2000 and Star Fighter 3000 and will be releasing these 'soon'
Budget games company Generation Design have announced that their 'Generation Collections CD' has had another game added - 'The Gold Run'. Registered owners can get a free upgrade
Stephen Scott has upgraded his simple point'n'click firing game, Jaw Wars
The multiple arcade machine emulator, MAME is now on version 0.31 and supports lots more games - you can download it from the official Acorn MAME site
Acorn Bomberman-alike game, MarsQuake, is now on version 1.10, with stable support for multi-computer games connected via the serial port
The Datafile have massively cut the price of puzzle-game Wizard Apprentice to £14.95 - previously it had been hugely over-priced at a staggering £34.95

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