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december 2000

Don't forget the Emulation news

A £25 compilation containing all the 32-bit Superior Software games is now available from ProAction, including Technodream, Air Supremacy, Play it Again Sams 1-4 (compilations including games such as The Last Ninja) and Reptons 1-4 (32-bit versions of the BBC games plus Ego: Repton 4). Not all of the games will run on modern machines, however! The compilation is normally supplied on CD, although it can be requested on discs too. For further details contact ProAction - to order send them your name, address and phone number and they'll despatch it with a payment invoice.
Classic mission-based arcade flying game, Starfighter 3000, has been rereleased in a new Risc PC version by iSV Products. This includes improved versions of the unofficial patches previously available as well as additional features such as minor fixes and improvements to some parts of the game - the major change is that Risc PC users now benefit from a deeper view distance. The game is supplied on a CD which also includes existing titles Air Supremacy, SunBurst and Elite, and is available for £15 plus £1.50 postage and packaging. For more details check out Chris Bazley's (author of the improvements) website.
Daniel Moyne has released a freeware desktop block-shifting game called Blockout - it's available from his website.
Ian Macfarlane has made versions of Solitaire and Tiles available for download from www.solitaire.riscos.org.uk and www.tiles.riscos.org.uk
A RISC OS version of Nethack 3.3.1 has been ported by Stephen Watson and is now available from his website
Artex Software have added some more information about their forthcoming strategy game TEK 1608 to their website

november 2000 news

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