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october 2000

If you remember the Asteroids-inspired particle explosion fest that is Spheres of Chaos, then you may already know that the author rereleased a new version of the game for free some time ago. Since then development has continued and an even better version with lots more new enemies and fantastic effects (as well as more power-ups than you can easily count!) is now available for download from the official website. As before there's also a PC version available, and both that and the Acorn version are shareware with the author asking for £10 if you can afford it, which is not unreasonable. Neither version is currently crippled to force you to register, however.
Chris Bazley continues to update his patch for Starfighter 3000 and it now includes various changes to improve its compatibility with different machines
Work on forthcoming Acorn strategy game Darklands is continuing, according to the author. He's hoping that it will be ready for release before Christmas and has promised to set up a website with more details soon.
If the review of The Chaos Engine hasn't convinced you then you might like to try out a demo version of it which is now available online at the Visions of the Impossible website.
Talking of Visions of the Impossible, they're continuing work on their top-down racing game EMD. Look out for new screenshots coming soon!
Remember Zarch and fancy playing it in the desktop? It's been around for a long time, but you might not have come across WimpZarch, a desktop version. You'll need the original disc, though, for this patch to be any use!
The really rather good (and free) Do It Yourself Doom has now reached version 4.2 and as ever is available from Andreas Dehmel's website. New in this version are the usual various bug fixes as well as portable savegames which allow you transfer games between versions and computer platforms.
Two new game patches to run Blowpipe and Speedball II on StrongARM machines are now available for download, as well as a whole stack of existing patches.
New Iron Dignity screenshots are online, but they're taken from the PC version. It's unclear just how developed the Acorn version of the game currently is, with Artex having been very quiet for some time now.

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