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previous updates - 1996

Links have been removed since they all referred to the previous design of the site and were therefore all broken! This page is included for interest only.

20th December 1996

  • Removed Christmas Competition and put up name of winner
  • Updated the Database with more information (StrongARM details coming soon!)
  • Updated some links
  • Various other minor updates and changes

13th December 1996

  • Added a form to the Christmas Competition (to save you having to send an email)
  • Updated some links

9th December 1996

  • Added details of the great Christmas Competition!!!

29th November 1996

  • Added Alex Card's !6502Em games compatibility list to the existing list
  • Updated some and added lots of new links

26th November 1996

  • Updated details and added some more links to the Emulators Feature
  • Also updated The Archive emulator links
  • Updated and added some links

25th November 1996

  • Added link to Inform to the review of Zip 2000

23rd November 1996

  • Having been to Acorn's roadshow at their HQ to test it on a StrongARM I finally got round to uploading my Sega Game Gear and Master System Emulator and documentation for it

22nd November 1996

  • Added a cool (well, I think so!) 'New' logo to the Links section to indicate new or updated links. Previously they weren't marked. This is an animated 'New', by the way, for those of you without browsers capable of displaying animations. (And it's under 1K in size!)
  • Updated some links to try out the logo...
  • Added a self-indulgent About Me page which probably no-one will be even slightly interested in reading...

21st November 1996

  • Updated some of the links on these pages and in the Links section

15th November 1996

  • Updated company details lists and Acorn gaming-related Email Addresses list

13th November 1996

  • Updated comments about Acorn World to encompass comments made by Oregan on my reporting of their CineWorks demonstration. The problems which occurred were due to circumstances outside their control - the CD-ROM was broken and there was bugged software installed on the demonstration computer.

10th November 1996

  • Added and updated some links on the links pages
  • A few minor alterations here and there to keep things up to date

8th November 1996

  • Updates and additions to The Database
  • Updated the Companies List

6th November 1996

  • Added Acorn World '96 detailed show report
  • Updated The Database

4th November 1996

  • Changed my email address (again) to glm20@cam.ac.uk
  • Cut out all the extraneous waffle about web browsers from the introduction

2nd November 1996

  • Spent ages fixing all the graphics which got corrupted during the initial upload of the pages - if you spot any I missed please let me know!
  • Updated the companies list
  • Updated the Database

24th October 1996

  • Added a few links to the links pages

21st October 1996

  • Replaced all occurrences of my old email address with my new email address (glm20@eng.cam.ac.uk)
  • Updated several entries in the Database

20th October 1996

  • Added compilation of useful news postings about playing games on the PC card
  • Pages finally up at DoggySoft (as of a few days ago) so now I can test and update them
  • Fixed Features link from contents page, and updated description
  • Added to list of email addresses
  • Altered formatting of Darkwood review slightly to try and avoid formatting bug in Netscape
  • Updated some links

20th September 1996

  • Added the !6502Em games compatibility list
  • Added details of Andreas Stroiczek's Amstrad CPC emulator to the Emulator Feature

19th September 1996

  • Finally got the pages in a state suitable for uploading
  • I hope not, but there may be the odd dead link somewhere - please let me know if any link doesn't work, or something seems incomplete!

September 1996

  • Updated the Database so that I was happier with the graphics (and spent ages trying to work around an annoying bug in Fresco - in the end I gave up)
  • Added browser compatibility information to the introduction
  • Updated the PC card compatibility list, written and compiled by Max Palmer
  • Lots of additions to the Archive
  • Several new links added to the links pages
  • Lots more additions/changes all over the place
  • Realised that I'd better get round to finishing these pages or else they'd never appear ;-)

August 1996

  • Removed most of the in-page graphics from the Database to greatly speed up page loading. Redesigned the layout a bit, too, although I'm not quite sure the new graphics are perfect yet.
  • Updated some database entries
  • The PD section made much more detailed and brighter, getting rid of the old "Database" approach
  • Added some disclaimers here and there
  • Changed DoggySoft links to the yellow buttons (previously they were a graphic of my own devising)
  • Lots of minor alterations

July 1996

  • All graphics updated to include 'width=' and 'height=' tags so that the rest of the page can be displayed whilst waiting for the image to be downloaded
  • Existing sections restructured and rewritten
  • The News section made more managable and accessable
  • Many stories rewritten or edited
  • Added the new Archive section
  • Redesigned and added to the Links section
  • And lots more stuff, too!

June 1996

  • Magazine structure redesigned from scratch
  • Main logo completely redesigned
  • All page graphics redesigned from scratch

May 1996

  • Page contents frozen due to final year project and revision for final year exams (see "about these pages").
  • Updates from now until end of August made privately and not uploaded to Warwick account


If you really want to read earlier update stuff then email me and I'll see if I can dig the files out...!!!

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