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There is a very detailed web site dedicated specifically to all aspects of Acorn emulation - not just games:
The Acorn Emulation Pages, maintained by David Sharp. Unfortunately it's now out of date, but a lot of the information is still relevant.

Follow the links on the relevant pages of this section to fetch Acorn emulators, or download them from Acorn Gaming.

To check on the latest versions, you can try out the home pages of the three current Acorn emulator authors:

Downloadable Games / News

There are lots of emulation sites on the internet. The following table includes some of the biggest as well as some smaller sites. The 'ROMs' column indicates if game images are available on the site, whilst 'News' indicates whether the latest events are reported. Please note that downloading ROM images may constitute a breach of copyright. Acorn Gaming is not responsible for the contents of any of the following web sites.
Site Covers ROMs News
Ant Productions SNES, NES, SMS, Gameboy Yes No
Arcade@Home Arcade No Yes
Arcane's Download Site Megadrive Yes No
Archaic Ruins All No Yes
Backyard Emulation Links All Links Yes
(The) BBC Lives BBC Yes No
CDworld.co.uk Sega MS/GG Yes No
Dave's Classics All Legal Yes
Emulators Unlimited All Legal Yes
Emu Views Arcade, Lynx, unusual Yes Yes
Emu Xpress All No Yes
Gray Area NES No Yes
NES World NES No Yes
New Stuff Sega GG, NES, Virtual Boy Yes No
News-u-lator All No Yes
Nintendo Realm, The NES, SNES Yes Yes
Planet ROM SNES, Megadrive, NES, Sega MS, TG16 Yes No
Red Area, The Virtual Boy Yes Yes
Roms Roms Roms Sega MS/GG, NES, Gameboy, SNES, Callus Yes No
ROM list Arcade, NeoGeo Yes Some
Zektor's Atari Lynx page Lynx Yes Yes
Zophar's Domain All Legal/OS Yes


IDSA, International Digital Software Organisation - a US organisation who are attempting to crack down on emulation ROM software piracy, and whose members include Eidos, Disney, EA, LucasArts, GT, Namco, Psygnosis, Sega, Sony and many more

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