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IBM PC compatibles

Three emulators are available:
PCEm --- FasterPC --- PC/PCPro

Name PCEm / Acorn PC Soft
Author Acorn
Port of None - original code
Available Commercial product
Supports Some software up to low-end 486-ish level
Speed Runs slower than a 386, so not really much use any more
Version ?
This was Acorn's contribution to having a PC in a box - even when it was released it wouldn't run that much software, so only of academic interest now really! I don't know what the final version released was.

Name FasterPC
Author David Lawrence (very much ??? - quite possibly misremembering!)
Port of None - original code
Available Commercial product
Supports This is an XT PC emulator designed to play games
Speed Faster than PCEm
Version 3.005
Capable of running on RISC OS 4, this was designed primarily to play games better than Acorn's PCEm, which it did by being faster and having better graphics (CGA & VGA) and sound support.

Name PC / PCPro
Author Acorn + Aleph One
Port of None - original code
Available Commercial product; requires PC card - see Aleph One
Supports Quite a lot, but some hardware incompatibilities
Speed Depends on PC card - slow 586 is the fastest
Version 3.06 - June 2000 (as of 15/8/01)
Not strictly an emulator at all, this is the (complex, clever) frontend software which allows the PC card that can be fitted to Risc PC computers to be run in a window on RISC OS - or in fact, at all. It does do quite a lot of emulation, however, since the hardware the PC expects isn't actually present and so this program has to pretend.

The first release was from Acorn and came with the initial 486SX33 PC cards - then it was published in version 2, now called PCPro, by Aleph One. A later major improvement brought version 3, which is still available and supports RISC OS 4 and Kinetic machines. A range of PC cards with different processors were available, but new Risc PC cards are no longer sold. Cards for earlier machines are, however, still available from Aleph One.

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