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previous updates - 1999

December 23rd
Added Quake source code and Elite release stories to the news page
Compiled EliteText and added it to the Download section
December 18th
Added more to the news page
Details of Tek development added
Latest Iron Dignity screenshots added
Other minor updates
December 17th
Finally found some time to update the site after my longest period without updates since the site first began over five years ago!
The Emulation news page is now up to date, and the BBC, SNES9X and Commodore pages have been updated
Three new emulator versions have been added to the Download section
Finally uploaded the November additions I made to the news page (which I never found time to add to the live version of the site - oops!)
Some minor changes here and there
The plan is now to bring the rest of the news pages on the site back up to date and keep it that way again, but unfortunately the majority of the traffic here nowadays is PC owners - I get four or five emails a week asking how to get stuff from the Download section to unzip under Windows... (honest!)
September 27th
Added RISC OS 4 Space Invaders story to the News headlines page
September 23rd
Several News headlines added
Emulation news updated
Other minor updates
September 18th
Added Botkiller 2 demo to the download section
September 10th
New News headlines
Loads of new Emulation news!
Download section updated with latest emulators - VICE and BeebIt
August 16th
News headlines updated
Some new Emulation news
PC Engine emulator page added to
July 16th
New News headlines
Emulation news added to
Lots of Links updated/added
July 6th
Added review of free game Paques
July 4th
Botkiller 2 full review now online
World news updated
New News headlines
Additional Emulation news story added, and Gameboy page updated
Botkiller added to Download section
Other minor updates, including to the links
June 20th
News headlines updated
Emulation news updated - Sega and Nintendo emulators
New BBC emulator in Download section
Latest World news stories added
Other minor updates
June 3rd
New version of BeebIt
May 16th
R-Comp's new flight simulator - preview of F16 Fighting Falcon
Preview of Castle Harenae, a new two-player maze game
News headlines updated
Other minor updates
May 14th
Emulation news updated
News story about Darklands added
News headlines updated
Emulation BBC and Commodore pages updated
Download section added to with latest version of VICE emulator
Loads of links added, updated and culled
Minor updates, including to the company details
May 8th
News headlines updated
Paradise games preview updated
April 23rd
Emulation news updated
News headlines added to
New world news stories
Botkiller 2 preview updated
Quake history updated
Download section added to: desktop Connect 4 game (against computer); DeHackEd; latest release of BeebIt
April 9th
New news headlines added
New world news stories
Various links updated
BBCconv in Download section updated with new !Run file
March 29th
TEK preview updated with the very latest development screenshot
March 22nd
Download section updated with shoot'em'up Artemis plus ports of the classic games Arkanoid, Manic Miner and Hopper
News headline added
Other minor updates, including to the PC card compatibility details
March 20th
Botkiller 2 preview updated with new screenshots
TEK preview updated with details of latest game engine
Emulation news updated
Download section updated - new MAME and BeebIt emulators
Various minor updates, including updates to the database and changes to improve the right-column appearance in Internet Explorer 4(!)
March 6th
Full review of R-Comp's latest release, Heretic and Hexen
A few new news stories added
Sony's next-generation PlayStation is announced - and it's stunning
February 25th
News of some new and updated utilities added
February 22nd
Every page and every graphic completely redesigned! Still to come is a search facility
Lots of updates - far too many to list
Structure of site radically changed - and new sections added
New news stories and emulation news added

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