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December 29th
I've been putting this off for a bit! Massive update to the Emulation section. Lots of new emulator news plus nearly all of the sub-pages giving details of the various emulators updated, and new pages added for the latest emulators. Also finally added a Spectrum emulators page! I think the section is now totally comprehensive.
Lots of updates and new emulators added to the Download section
As ever, the News page updated
November 18th
News page updated
Download section now includes Silverball 2, a free sequel from the author of Repton 3
November 9th
News page updated
Emulation news updated
Downloads also updated :)
October 7th
News page updated with various stories
Emulation news now reports on new Neo Geo Pocket and Pocket Colour emulator
Download section added to - NeoPoCott 0.36b
September 5th
News page updated - several stories
Emulation news - new releasees of BeebIt and VICE
Download section - VICE 1.5 and BeebIt 0.20
Acorn User games CD help updated
July 11th
Acorn User games CD additional instructions - help getting the commercial games on this month's Acorn User magazine cover CD to work, plus instructions for playing them!
News page updated
July 2nd
Full review of Overload - latest budget game from Paradise
Toybox Dreams preview updated
News pages updated with three new stories
Database updated with recent releases
Other minor updates
June 1st
Added Ankh patch and special offer story to the news page
May 28th
News pages updated with several new stories
Paradise preview updated
Darklands news story updated
May 7th
Full review of The Chaos Engine
Updated past month pages on the news pages, and split the emulation news onto multiple pages. Also split this updates page up by moving 1999 updates out to separate pages as per 1998, 1997 and earlier...
May 6th
News updated - TBA rereleases and Acorn User games CD
Emulation news - new release of Sarien adventure game player
Downloads added to - Sarien 0.03
May 1st
News updated - several new stories
Emulation news updated - Spec128 and BeebIt
Download section - Spec128 and new BeebIt
March 29th
New news stories - TBA, VOTI and Castle Harenae
Emulation news updated - Sarien and BeebIt
Download section added to - new BeebIt plus Sarien
January 18th
Minor updates to the Database and Emulation news, plus other minor changes
January 16th
Several new news stories
Emulation news updated with three new stories
The Database updated with new ProAction titles
Some Links pages partially updated
Several other minor changes and updates

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Updates made during 1998 (and 1999 up to new site design)
Updates made during 1997
Updates made during 1996

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