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previous updates - 1997

Links have been removed since they all referred to the previous design of the site and were therefore all broken! This page is included for interest only.

2nd November 1997 to 2nd January 1998

  • Added Acorn World 1997 article - lots of photos and gaming news that you won't have seen anywhere else!
  • Lots of updates to the News
  • Loads of links added and updated
  • The Database updated
  • The Archive updated
  • Various graphic additions and replacements, including a new version of Monolith
  • Updated the Emulators News
  • Over 50 minor updates

11th October 1997

  • Loads of new news added, including some very interesting rumours of good things to come!
  • Various other minor updates, including additions and updates to the links section

24th September 1997

  • Added interview with Graeme Richardson, author of some of the best-selling Acorn games ever, including Nevryon, Enter the Realm, Technodream and Spobbleoid
  • Updated links (yes - again! ;) )

23rd September 1997

  • Added price details and comment to Wizard Apprentice review
  • Updated links
  • Updated The Archive

16th September 1997

  • Updated links
  • Updated The Archive
  • Other minor updates

13th-14th September 1997

  • Updated the emulator news
  • Updated the general news
  • Updated company details list
  • Some more links updated and added

1st - 12th September 1997

  • Emotions Full Review added
  • Shuggy Full Review added
  • News summary completely rewritten and brought fully up to date, including details of Quake
  • New version of !Sega emulator
  • Emulators Feature added to with new, recent emulators, and updated as appropriate
  • Company details list updated
  • Email addresses list updated
  • Software patches updated
  • Links collection expanded and updated
  • Emulators News updated
  • Tellomere details updated
  • New Doom overview added
  • The Database updated
  • Plus lots of other miscellaneous additions

9th August 1997

  • PC card pages completely replaced with 100% up-to-date version kindly supplied by Daniel Shimmin

3rd August 1997

  • Back from holiday! A few additions made to the links
  • Various other minor additions, including to the copyright notice

2nd July 1997

  • Updated the Emulator News page
  • Added a couple of pictures to the (now old!) Burn 'Out review

29th June 1997

  • Added in news about forthcoming massive space 'God' game Exodus

23rd June 1997

  • Updated the News round-up plus some stories, including Stryker's Run III
  • Added to and updated The Database
  • New Emulator News page
  • Updated and added lots of links
  • Added Dave Lawrence's port of MAME for direct download
  • Updated About these pages and Copyright notice
  • Updated various Archive pages

16th May 1997

  • Added another two preview features to the news:
    • Iron Dignity
    • Paradise - Overload and Pocket Money
  • Rewrote Sega emulator download pages to make them much clearer, removing misleading release/beta distinction that I previously made. Now I refer instead to the 'current' version and 'older, faster' version.

13th May 1997

  • Lots of new news preview features:
    • Shuggy
    • Emotions
    • Arya
    • Tellomere
    • Extreme Force
  • Updated Sega emulator to latest version
  • Links updated and added to
  • Archive Usenet news added to
  • Other minor updates, including to the Introduction and About Me pages

9th April 1997

  • Updated and added to c.s.a.g. news stories in The Archive
  • Updated the Introduction to the pages
  • Minor updates to About these pages

4th April 1997

  • Updated the list of gaming email addresses
  • Added a bit to the c.s.a.g. news stories in The Archive
  • Few more minor additions and alterations, including updating the copyright graphic on the title page

3rd April 1997

  • Added full review of Paradise's Inferno
  • Minor update to Reviews index
  • Other minor updates

2nd April 1997

  • Added full review of Fantasia's Wizard Apprentice
  • Added preview of TBA's Mirror Image and Merp
  • Added more details of TBA's Brutal Horse Power
  • Revamped and extended Reviews index to include previews and free games (as well as last updated dates)
  • Similarly revamped News page
  • Updated emulator links in the Archive
  • Updated links pages slightly
  • Other minor changes, including slight index page and database index redesigns

15th March 1997

  • Added Oblivion news story and updated main news page slightly
  • Lots and lots of new links added

9th March 1997

  • A few minor changes

7th March 1997

  • Brand new version of the Sega Game Gear and Master System emulator now available for public download
  • Updated the News pages
  • Updated comments on Last Offence

28th February 1997

  • Added Games Suite II information
  • Updated/added lots of links
  • Minor redesign of main news page

18th February 1997

  • Added more specific StrongARM information, and 16 more games, to The Database (thanks to Alex Card)
  • Updated/added several more links
  • Updated the companies list

12th Feburary 1997

  • Updated/added quite a few links

2nd February 1997

  • Details, comments on and screenshots of Modus Software's new game, Last Offence, added to the News pages
  • Details and screenshots about Fantasia Software's forthcoming game, Wizard Apprentice, also added to the News pages
  • Update to the TBA news story
  • Several links updated
  • The Archive updated, with new email addresses listed and extra emulator links added

24th January 1997

  • Rewrote virtually all the News stories and summary page, finally bringing it up to date, after a lapse of a few months!
  • Added Rob Smith's Monolith background MIDI player and information to the Features section
  • Added some emulator games links to the Archive
  • Updated the company contact details lists
  • A few other minor changes, such as a couple of links updated/added

9th January 1997

  • Updated the emulator links page with yet another link!
  • A few other minor updates

2nd January 1997

  • Completely updated The Database with StrongARM and RISC OS 3.7 compatibility information kindly supplied by Alex Card
  • Updated the emulator links page again
  • Updated the Emulator Feature again
  • Updated some links

1st January 1997

  • Updated the emulator links page so there are now loads and loads of links!
  • Changed the way I write this What's New page so that the date I give is the date I uploaded the pages, rather than the actual date I (re)wrote them - this way it will be clearer what exactly has changed since you last accessed the pages
  • Updated some links
  • Updated the company information pages
  • Updated the Emulator Feature slightly to keep it up to date
  • Discovered I hate the new version of !Zap - it keeps crashing whilst I edit this page! (Or maybe it's the HoTMeaL mode)

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