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previous updates - 1998

Links have been removed since they all referred to the previous design of the site and were therefore all broken! This page is included for interest only.

27th January 1999

  • The Database updated with the most recent game releases; prices and compatibility information updated for some older 4th Dimension games now rereleased by CJE
  • Company contact details updated
  • New News headline

25th January 1999

  • Added new emulator to the emulation section - VICE simulates a Commodore 64, 128, PET, CBM2 and VIC20
  • VICE emulator also added to The Vault

24th January 1999

  • Emulation section updated with two more news stories, and new Texas Instruments calculator emulation page added; also updated Sega, GameBoy, MSX, NES and Coleco pages
  • New News headlines
  • Lots of new emulator versions added to The Vault

15th January 1999

  • New News headlines

11th January 1999

  • Emulation section updated with more news stories, and new BBC emulation page
  • News headlines added to
  • BBC emulators added to The Vault, and new version of DStar

7th January 1999

  • Minor update (removed Happy Christmas banner from contents page)

2nd January 1999

  • Full review of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 added
  • Updated Emulation section with release of VGB and update of MasterGear - both now available from The Vault
  • News headlines updated
  • Other minor updates

24th December 1998

  • Added Happy Christmas! banner to contents page

23rd December 1998

  • One new news headline
  • Updated the PC games compatibility page
  • Other minor updates, including a Xenocide upgrade in The Vault

20th December 1998

  • Added full review of Xenocide, a new game from Skullsoft
  • Updated the Emulation section with the release of a new version of SNES9X
  • A few new news headlines
  • Other minor updates, including new versions of games in The Vault

17th December 1998

  • A few new news headlines
  • Updated the Emulation section

15th December 1998

  • Added five new platforms to the Emulation section
  • Updated some info and added some new release info to the Emulation section
  • Updated Atari800 and STem emulators to newest versions in The Vault (also added some other stuff recently, too)

13th December 1998

  • A few new news headlines
  • Added new pictures to the TEK preview
  • Minor updates to Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and Iron Dignity reports
  • Added 'DStar' to The Vault

11th December 1998

  • Added news feature about Dark Future, a new RISC OS-only game

10th December 1998

  • Added several more emulators to The Vault

8th December 1998

  • Entire new section added: Emulation
  • Entire new section added: The Vault
  • Lots and lots of new news headlines
  • Several other minor changes

9th November 1998

  • Review of brand new version of Destiny uploaded
  • Several new news headlines

7th November 1998

  • News headlines added to

7th October 1998

  • News headlines added to

29th September 1998

  • Added story about Super Snail 2
  • News headlines added to
  • Other minor updates

26th September 1998

  • Updated Descent report
  • Few new news headlines
  • Other minor updates, including to 'about these pages'

23rd September 1998

  • Couple of new news headlines

20th September 1998

  • Destiny review updated with comments on new version

18th September 1998

  • New news headline

5th September 1998

  • Uploaded report on PlayStation Pushy 2
  • Updated the Emulator News
  • Few new news headlines

29th August 1998 (late night)

  • Exclusive new screenshot of Iron Dignity, and latest news
  • Screenshot and news of Botkiller 2
  • Various minor updates

29th August 1998 (early morning)

  • In-depth report on Heroes of Might and Magic 2 uploaded

26th August 1998

  • Four new news headlines
  • Minor update to the Descent news story

24th August 1998

  • Updated the Emulator News
  • Added a news headline

23rd August 1998

  • Added six new free game reviews, written by David Sharp

19th August 1998

  • News headlines updated, and other news updated
  • Several new world news stories added
  • Moved old news stores from the main news page over to the older news stories page, and Quake given its own page
  • Updated the Emulation news page
  • Other minor updates

17th August 1998

Back from holiday:
  • Major Eternal Destiny review added
  • The past month's news uploaded
  • The Database updated - some entries rewritten and a few new games
  • Zip 2000 review updated
  • Lots of minor updates, including to the free Abuse review and the Archive

12th July 1998

  • Full illustrated Ankh review now added
  • Emulators news updated with SNES emulator release details
  • Other minor updates

4th July 1998

  • Super Snail preview added
  • Lots of minor updates

2nd July 1998

  • Acorn Southeast Show full photographic report added
  • News headlines updated, and other news updated

26th June 1998

  • Lots of new news headlines
  • World-wide games news section updated
  • Minor updates

24th June 1998

  • New news headline
  • Minor updates

22nd June 1998

  • News on Acorn Descent - both commercial and freeware versions
  • Various new news headlines

4th June 1998

  • Brand new world-wide games news section, reporting on only the biggest international gaming stories
  • New news headlines

25th May 1998

  • Minor updates to Acorn Syndicate news report
  • Added a new news headline

22nd May 1998

  • New news on Acorn Syndicate including screenshots
  • Several new news headlines

15th May 1998

  • New news headlines
  • Brand new screenshots of Kindred Software's forthcoming game Skirmish
  • Lots of new and updated links

13th May 1998

  • Entire site moved to www.acorn-gaming.org.uk, thanks to Oaktree Internet - sponsorship details updated on all pages
  • Lots of new news headlines
  • Updated The Database (of all commercial Acorn games)

23rd April 1998

  • Added news about and screenshots of forthcoming game Skirmish
  • Updated News headlines - Quake to be published by R-Comp

17th April 1998

  • Added four new News headlines

8th April 1998

  • Lots of new links and updated links
  • Archive updated
  • Various minor updates, including formatting changes for non-table browsers

25th March 1998

  • Updated the PC games compatibility list

21st March 1998

  • Brand new Ankh demo and screenshots
  • Moved remaining February news headlines to the earlier news headlines

20th March 1998

  • Updated the emulator news
  • Three new news headlines
  • Updated the links

18th March 1998

  • Three new news headlines

13th March 1998

  • Three new news headlines plus news update

10th March 1998

  • Added a new news headline
  • Noone has complained about the new use of tables for the headlines and the contents page, so hopefully it works okay on all browsers - I've tested it on non-tables browsers, too, of course. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!

6th March 1998

  • Added to the News Headlines, and adjusted the layout again after noticing a formatting peculiarity with Netscape
  • Various minor formatting changes throughout the site

4th March 1998

  • Redesigned the News Headlines layout format, and added a couple of new headlines

2nd March 1998

  • Full Drifter review added
  • Completely new Ankh screenshots and description
  • Completely new TEK screenshots
  • Absolutely all the News updated, with new three-tier structure of Recent News, Earlier News and Old News - now it should be even clearer which items are new
  • Similarly, News Headlines sorted into two sections - very recent, and slightly older ones
  • Completely new Extreme Force screenshots added
  • Lots and lots of minor updates

26th February 1998

  • Updated the News headlines again

25th February 1998

  • Updated the News bits on Quake

23rd February 1998

  • Finally got round to finishing and uploading my review of Exodus!
  • Updated the news a bit
  • A few new and updated links
  • Other minor updates

14th February 1998

  • Emulators news updated, including the MESS multiple console emulator
  • Doom news story updated
  • Links updated

13th February 1998

  • Some major new headlines
  • Emulators news updated, including NES and Mac emulators
  • Doom news updated
  • Links updated and added to

31st January 1998

  • Added exclusive interview with Artex Software
  • Added article on the MSX for the emulator news
  • Updated the News headlines
  • Other minor updates, as well as a few new links

29th January 1998

  • Added news on the new MSX emulator
  • Updated lots of links
  • A few new news headlines
  • Other minor updates

23rd January 1998

  • Updated news on TEK
  • Updated news headlines
  • Updated the Links
  • Various minor updates

22nd January 1998

  • News about and history of Acorn Doom
  • New games from Artex Software
  • Various other new news stories
  • Updated The Archive list of email addresses and company contact details
  • Updated and added to Acorn links
  • Added 'headlines' section to the main contents page

14th January 1998

  • Minor updates, including to The Archive and the Links sections

7th January 1998

  • Added news about TEK
  • Updated review of Wizard Apprentice to reflect the final release version
  • Updated Tellomere news
  • Added some new links
  • Other minor updates

4th January 1998

  • Updated the Introduction and About this web site pages
  • Various other minor updates, including to the Acorn World 1997 report and the email addresses contacts list

3rd January 1998

  • Wrote complete summary of the Acorn Quake story so far for the news section
  • Added an "In Brief" headlines section to the news
  • Added details and pictures of Abuse to the Freeware section
  • Updated The Archive again
  • Other minor updates, including to the Acorn World 1997 reports

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