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Nintendo Entertainment System

Three emulators are available:
ArcNES --- madNES --- DarcNES

Name ArcNES
Author David McEwen (david@acornemus.freeserve.co.uk)
Port of Based on xNes, but much of it is rewritten from scratch
Available David's web site, or Acorn Gaming
Supports 90% of NES cartridges
Speed StrongARM: full; 610/710: 2/3rds
Version 0.6 - 17/8/98 (final release)
This is prolific emulator porter David McEwen's Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator, ARCNes. This improves on his previous ports of xNes, and in particular runs much faster - it's also faster than the NES emulator in MESS.

Recently David has abandoned development of ArcNES to concentrate on MadNES.

Name madNES
Author David McEwen (david@acornemus.freeserve.co.uk)
Port of madNES by Roberto Rosario
Available David's web site (release and beta versions), or Acorn Gaming (release version)
Supports 95% of NES cartridges
Speed StrongARM: full; 610/710: about 1/4 to 1/3rd
Version Release: 0.10 - 9/1/99; Beta: 0.65 BETA-5 - 27/5/99
David McEwen obviously likes Nintendo Entertainment System emulators since this is his third! Each time they get better, and they weren't too bad to start with! This emulator is the most accurate yet and will, for example, run Elite (albeit not quite perfectly). The current release, however, has no sound, and if you don't have a StrongARM you'd be best sticking with ArcNES for speed reasons.

David has recently been working hard on improving madNES, and you can download the latest public beta-test version from his website, which features support for many more games plus improvements that apply across all games. Games which now work properly include 720°ree;, Star Wars, Castlevania 3 and Afterburner 2. The forthcoming full release will offer a significant increase in speed, and possibly also sound. If you want to help David then please let him know of any games that don't work properly with the beta version.

Name DarcNES
Author David McEwen (david@acornemus.freeserve.co.uk)
Port of DarcNES by Alastair Bridgewater
Available David's web site, or Acorn Gaming
Supports Not just NES! Also 8-bit Sega and Coleco systems plus PC Engine, Apple 2 and partial Megadrive support
Speed ?
Version No version number - 19/11/00 (as of 29/12/00)
DarcNES is not just a NES emulator - it emulates various other platforms too.

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