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Nintendo Gameboy

Three emulators are available:
Gameboy --- GBoyEm --- VGB

Name Gameboy
Author Purple Monchichi
Port of None: Original code
Available Acorn Gaming
Supports Virtually all games. Perfect sound.
Speed Full on all Risc PCs
Version 0.57
This emulator runs full-screen, although this doesn't necessarily mean the image must fill the entire monitor - you can choose from two different sizes of display.

Name GBoyEm
Author Paul Clifford and Purple Monchichi
Port of None: Original code
Available Paul's web site or Acorn Gaming
Supports Virtually all games. Perfect sound.
Speed Full on StrongARM; speed problems on earlier machines
Version 0.06
This emulator is an altered version of Purple Monchichi's GameBoy emulator (
above) which will run in a window on the desktop (although it won't multitask!). There are various other improvements, too, with a desktop frontend allowing you to redefine the colours and keys, and you can save your game (either the entire memory or just battery-backed RAM) and use Game Genie cheat codes.

Unfortunately no full-screen mode is provided, and if you don't have a StrongARM you may encounter some problems, since even on a Risc PC 700 the emulator is too slow if you're in a high-colour screenmode. The window is also too small unless you zoom it (or change to a small desktop mode), but the zoom slows it down enormously. If you have a Risc PC, however, it's worth downloading both versions of the emulator to see which you prefer.

Name VGB
Author David McEwen (david@acornemus.freeserve.co.uk)
Port of Marat Fayzullin's VGB
Available David's web site, or Acorn Gaming
Supports Virtually all games, including the new colour ones!
Speed Full on StrongARM; about half-speed on other Risc PCs
Version 2.03 - 6/12/00 (as of 29/12/00)

The Gameboy makes up over 95% of portable game system sales. Nintendo's most recent rechristening of the breed is the Color Gameboy, which is just that - a Gameboy with full colour. Retailing at around £60, the latest version of the extremely successful portable games machine is twice as fast as the earlier models, and clearly considerably nicer to look at! An emulator is already available for the machine in the form of VGB, the 'Virtual Gameboy'. On some other platforms this is a commercial product, but prolific Acorn emulator author David McEwen has produced an Acorn version that is completely free!

This latest release is faster, supports cheat codes, is more stable and has various fixes and improvements. It now also runs Zelda DX correctly. Please do note, however, that it is quite blatant and inexcusable piracy to run brand new Color Gameboy games if you do not own the actual game cartridge itself (or any Gameboy games, for that matter).

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