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Super Snail 2

Not long after the release of Super Snail comes news of the sequel - Super Snail 2! David Johnson hasn't been resting since completing the original, and the new version adds several features to the original, as well as adding arcade-adventure elements to the existing platform action.

[Super Snail screenshot]

With unsurprising visual similarities to the first game, Super Snail 2 consists of various areas, with each scrolling about as in the first game. Now, however, you can leave an area and enter a new one just by walking off the edge of the screen, and you can gain the ability to fire magic bolts at your enemies, which are themselves much more intelligent than those featured in the first game. Although at an early stage of development, over 20 enemy types are all ready programmed.

[Super Snail screenshot]

Adding to the gameplay mix is the presence of a helper character, Bansai Hedgehog, who you must interact with in order to solve various puzzles. The game also has multiple endings, which will vary dependant upon how things go with Mr. Hedgehog.

The game world consists of springs, stone blocks, updrafts and various other regular platform game items - as well as beach balls. The game also features many sub-games, including a portable "Game Guy" on which you can play black and white Tetris! Doing well at the various sub-games gains you coins which you can use to buy power-ups, new weapons and various other items.

[Sub-game 1] [Sub-game 2] [Sub-game 3]
Various sub-games

Although based around a tile map, each tile has small subdivisions which allow the game to escape the usual 'square world' scenario that afflicts many platform games. Attention to detail also extends to various niceties such as butterflies which flutter away when you disturb them, and animated waterfalls with water which bounces off your shell.

[Super Snail screenshot]

A publisher and price for Super Snail 2 are as of yet undecided.

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