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Overview - Super Snail

The Fourth Dimension have recently released a brand new budget game for RISC OS - Super Snail by David Johnson and other ARM'd and Dangerous members.

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Set in a weird fantasy world, Super Snail runs smoothly on any RISC OS 3 machine and requires only 2Mb of RAM, so it's suitable for virtually any machine. A platform game based on a 256 by 64 tile grid the game consists of 20 one player levels, each of which also has an associated bonus level. The game also offers split-screen two-player cooperative and competitive options, so you can play with or against your friends.

[Super Snail in-game]The basic aim of the game is simply to collect the five magical spheres littered around each level - in the competitive two-player version you must collect more spheres than your opponent. Pretty basic stuff with some colourful graphics to enhance proceedings, then. The game started off as a sprite-plotting challenge, and it seems that the basic aim of a fast-moving game was maintained.

Many of the 'standard' features for a platform game are included - keys and doors, switches, trampolines, teleporters, updrafts, pushable blocks, ice, lava, collapsing floors as well as walls which contain arrow-launching devices.

[Super Snail with two players]
Two players simultaneously

The game was due for release at the Acorn Southeast show but missed this - it is now available by mail order from The Fourth Dimension, however.

[Super Snail bonuse level]
Entering a bonus level

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