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Castle Harenae

Castle Harenae is a shareware game for Risc PC and A7000 owners by David Llewellyn-Jones... and is for people who have friends - Castle Harenae is a two-player game!


Original but also rather mad, the aim of the game is to create a better maze than your opponent can, and to do it faster! You must be able to complete your maze yourself, but once you've done this your opponent is let loose on it. Both players take part at the same time, and there's a time limit ticking away to stop you hanging around - you also gain points by being the first to complete your maze.


At the start of each game each player gets to choose from a selection of special maze 'plugins' which can have various effects on your opponent, ranging from one-way doors to teleporter devices. The 'plugins' even live up to their name, because you will be able to download new plugins after the initial release to increase the range of tricks available to game players.


Download it from the official website.

The game costs £5 for the registered version.

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