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A proposed new game from Dave Sharp is Tellomere, a strategy game set in a fantasy world, featuring pint-sized characters wandering around and attacking each other, capturing monsters and gaining weapons and spells. It sounds pretty much like a standard battle strategy game - precisely like Crystal Warriors on the Sega Game Gear, or the fight sequences in the Shining Force series on the Megadrive, in fact.

As the game progresses you gain both money and extra characters, with new classes becoming available as you get further into the game, although the complexity of the enemy grows with you.

The game is being written in BASIC and assembly language, using Andy Southgate's sprite plotting libraries, whilst the graphics are being drawn by Iain Waugh, author of the free game Firebolt, who's also helping out with some of the code. Playable on any RISC OS machine that can display a mode 28 screen, the game will require at least 2Mb of RAM, but a mode 13 version is intended to follow the initial release.

What's done so far is looking promising, but the release, which was aimed for autumn last year, has obviously slipped quite considerably, with the pressure of A-levels taking its toll. You can have a look at the author's web pages for more details.


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