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3D Modelling on Acorns

8-bit Software
BBC micro PD library

Acorn Cybervillage
lots of useful information, news and selected links

Acorn News Service
Latest Acorn news

Acorn Shows
Acorn Southeast and Southwest shows

Acorn Software on the 'net listing

Acorn Technical documents

Free web pages for Acorn users (down?)

ARM Club
User and support club

BBC Documentation Project

BBC Micro documentation at The BBC Lives!

comp.binaries.acorn archive of postings

comp.sys.acorn Newsgroups FAQ

comp.sys.acorn.games FAQ

comp.sys.acorn.networking FAQ

comp.sys.acorn rogues gallery
Pictures of contributors (scary!)

Computers, Peripherals and Interfaces guide
Acorn compatibility details from Nigel Barrett

Datascope Recruitment
Leading source of computer games jobs in the UK

EFF Free Fonts CD online index
Showing all fonts

David Sharp's list of Acorn filetypes

Denis Howe's list of Acorn filetypes

Free translation of program text into German
Also free icon design

Free Acorn internet connection resources - huge archive

Information at Imperial about Acorn
Not very up-to-date

Home of the Mico

RISC OS 99 show
The ARM Club's two-day replacement for Acorn World

RISC OS Jobs website
Looking for a job programming in RISC OS?

RiscOS Ltd
RISC OS 4 developers

RISC OS Multi-threading support

Risc PC x86 Cards Information pages

RiscStation computers
Future of the platform?

StrongHELP manuals
Main site for storage of manuals (or list by author)

Wakefield Acorn Spring Shows

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