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Andrew Rawnsley offered the following advice on getting Doom and other similar games to work using an IPX network in May 1996. Don't be surprised, however, if it doesn't work; it is apparently quite hard to find the appropriate drivers and get everything working correctly.

You need the Aleph 1 network drivers for 25ukp or so. By default it's set up suitable for IPX network packets. You then need an IPX packet driver and packet driver support code. Unfortunately, most of the pd IPX drivers fail, so I'm using those supplied in an old demo of Novell Netware. You can also look in your Windows directory for various IPX related files, as some of these come in handy.

(Of course, if you already have an IPX Novell network, then the above doesn't apply).

Once this is done, (and loaded - write a batch file unless you like loading 100kb of drivers in your bootup!) you should be able to convince Doom etc to work over the network. N.B. Net Doom is very slow, slower than single player Doom. Net Heretic and Hexen are rather more playable.

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