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BBC Compatibility

Over the summer of 1996 I bought Warm Silence Software's !6502Em BBC Microcomputer emulator, and since then I've tried playing lots of games on it. I've collected on this page the results of my playtesting.

All games have been tested on an ARM 710 Risc PC 700 with version 1.50 of !6502Em, using BBC OS 1.2. That so many of them work perfectly is a testimony to just how good !6502Em's emulation is!

In general, if you're having problems with the palette - sometimes the reason for you getting a completely blank screen - try disabling the 'Palette' option, and pushing f10 during the game to get the current settings.

If the game uses Caps Lock and Ctrl for left and right remember to select the 'Arcadians' keymap which will duplicate these keys on 'A' and 'S', making the game far easier to control.

The 'exact speed' option doesn't always work, and although Warm Silence Software claim that Snapper runs at the correct speed I'm afraid it doesn't on my machine, and I know of at least one other person with the same problem.

'y' indicates that the game works as expected. Games are indexed alphabetically by publisher.

  • There's also another list available, kindly supplied by Alex Card. This one's 40K in size so I haven't included it on this page.

A & F Software
Chuckie Egg y, although it jerks and runs a bit slowly
Cylon Attack y
Painter y
Firetrack Doesn't work
Frak y
Zalaga y
Arthur y
Boxer y
Carousel y
Castle of Riddles y
Countdown to Doom y
Cube Master y
Defender y, although scrolling flickers (don't enable scroll hack)
Elite y (all versions)
Firebug y
Hopper y
JCB Digger y
Labyrinth y
Meteors y
Philosopher's Quest y
Planetoid y
Reversi y
Revs y, although enable patch and disable palette changes
Rocket Raid y
R*Ther y
Snapper y, although runs far too quickly (unplayable)
Snooker y
Sphinx Adventure y
Starship Command y
Star Striker y
Super Defender y
Super Invaders y
Tetrapods y
Volcano y
Blagger y
Eagle Empire?
Monaco y
Neanderthal Man y
Tarzan y
Web Runner y
Space Hiway y
The Fortress y, although it flickers like mad
Commando y, but it runs far, far, far too slowly
Paperboy y
The Sentinel y
Fourth Dimension, The (and Impact Software)
Inertia y
Nevryon y, although palette changes
Arkanoid y
Pedro y
Icarus BBC Lives version doesn't work; version here does
Micro Power
Bruce Lee y
Bumble Bee y
Castle Quest y
Cybertron y
Dune Rider y
Eldorado Gold y
Felix in the Factory y
Ghouls y
Hell Driver y
Imogen y
Killer Gorilla y, but runs far too quickly and intro music is far too slow
Labyrinths of LaCoshe y
Moon Raider y, but flickers awfully (don't turn on scroll hack)
Mr. Ee y, but runs far too quickly
Positron y
Stock Car y
Swag y
Swoop y
The Mine y
Software Projects
Manic Miner y
Superior Software
Airlift y
Alien Dropout y
Ballistic y
Barbarian y, but palette changes
Centipede y
Citadel y
CodenameDr y, tho' scrolling flickers a bit (don't enable scroll hack)
Cosmic Camoflauge y
Crazy Rider y, but palette changes
Cyborg Warriors Hangs on start up
Death Star y
Exile y, but turn off palette and press f10, and you can't save the 'Exile' way but only by using the emulator facility
Galaforce y
Galaforce 2 y
Hyperball y
Invaders y
Killer Gorilla 2 y
Overdrive y
Palace of Magic y
Pengo y
Pipeline y
Ravenskull y
Repton y
Repton 2 y
Repton 3 y
Repton Infinity y
Ricochet y
Sim City y
Superior Soccer y, but palette problems
Space Fighter y
Space Pilot y
Space Port?
Star Warp y
Stryker's Run y
Syncron y
Tempest y
Thrust y, but jerks so as to make it unplayable
Wallaby y, although loader music plays far too slowly
Zany Kong Junior y
Indoor Sports y
Spy vs. Spy y, but palette problems (turn off palette changes)
Ultimate Play the Game
Alien 8 y
Atic Atac y
JetPac y
Jump Jet y, but palette problems
Knight Lore y
Sabre Wulf y
Dare Devil Dennis y
Digger y

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