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PC Card Compatibility - Notes


One of the most important factors in determining compatibility of software is the version of the PC card software being used; different hardware configurations will tend to affect speed rather than compatibility. If no details are given, the hardware used is either unknown, or an Acorn 33MHz 486 card with ARM610.

It is also assumed that software which will work on earlier versions of the PC card software will usually work on the current release version; therefore, the version of the PC card software used for testing is usually not listed either, except where (as in an increasing number of cases), software will only work with PC Pro. If in doubt, use the latest free release version, or, if you really want as much to work as possible, PC Pro.

It is also assumed that you have an adequate amount of RAM and hard disk space to run the software listed. Finally bear in mind that, although a great many demos are listed in the compatibility information, just because a game demo works or fails on the PC card does not mean the game itself will, as the programming involved can be radically different.


Except where otherwise indicated, software has been tested on an original 33MHz ASIC 1 Acorn 486SX card, 30Mhz ARM610 processor, and 1MB VRAM. (Most popular games now have details of performance under different ARM and PC processor combinations).

Where no comment is made on speed, all that is implied is that the game runs fast enough on this basic configuration that someone, somewhere might be prepared to put up with playing it on a long-term basis. (e.g. Doom fits into this category on the basic configuration, but Terminal Velocity does not).


Except where indicated, no implication is made about the compatibility or quality of the sound produced by any of the software when run on a PC card. Thankfully more and more information on sound compatibility, both with the standard drivers and with PC Sound Professional, is now available in the list.

(Additional) Disclaimer

All possible steps are taken to make the compatibility lists as accurate as possible. However, no responsibility can be accepted for any software you may purchase that doesn't work, or other losses caused directly or indirectly through the use of the information supplied here. In general, you should consult your software supplier if you have any problems. Also bear in mind that quite a number of shops selling PC software will agree to take the software back if it turns out it doesn't work on your system, so it can be worthwhile enquiring about this before purchasing. And of course it can't hurt to tell more of the world about the system you are using...
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