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Mirror Image and Merp

Back in early 1997 TBA were full of plans for their claimed stunning new 3D engine, TAG. One of their new 3D games was called Mirror Image, and they decided to published it in a two-game pack along with Merp. Although I never saw these games reviewed, they are actually available from Acorn dealers for purchase! I collected this information about them:

Mirror Image

[Mirror Image logo]Mirror Image is a simple puzzle game with a 3D-twist. I remember typing in games like this from magazines over a decade ago - but they didn't look quite like this version, which also adds a little to the basic theme.

You have control of various mirrors scattered around a simple maze, and by positioning these you must direct laser beams around the maze, killing lethal "blobs" and triggering the exit switch. The game uses TBA's TAG engine and allows you to view the game from any angle, using light-sourced and texture-mapped graphics. Various additions to the basic premise such as doors and trigger switches add a little more interest to the game.

[Mirror Image screenshot 1] [Mirror Image screenshot 2]


You don't need to study Merp for very long before you realise why it isn't a stand-alone title. It's not exactly an advanced game.

You control a "merp" (looking suspiciously like a circle with sunglasses), and attempt to collect more red flags than your opponents. Up to four people can play at once, with teams if desired. There are a few simple features such as walls, friction and gravity. Er, and that's it. The very basic graphics are shoved on a pretty backdrop to take away a little of the early 80s look.

[Merp screenshot 1] [Merp screenshot 2] [Merp screenshot 3]

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