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Here's some stuff TBA announced back in 1994/95!

Thanks to TBA for the following information.
Disclaimer: I have no connection with TBA and the following information is reproduced in good faith.

Games coming soon

The prices are not yet fixed but will vary between 14.99 and 24.99

Game: ARL

Another fast action 3D futuristic Starwing(ish) type shoot and fly game. Available soon...

Game: Warp riders

A lot like the original Star Wars arcade game. You know - the vector one!

Game: Axis 2 (Yeahh!)

Axis 2, a super fast 3D action game using TAG2, the next version of our custom 3D game development environment. Includes extra texture mapping and multiprocessor support for the RiscPC. Will appear soon in demo form at an Acorn show with a VR headset! Its roughly the same as Axis 1 but in 3D, so that means the scenery is all 3D, the tanks are in 3D and the sound is in 3D, using the latest in surround sound technology.


Holograph and TAG!
A game toolkit used by TBA for creating our 3D games! Includes an editor/ compiler for all you want! Using this the time taken to compile FTT or ARL from scratch is around 1 min! This system is available by signing up for TBA consortium; see the Acorn press for details or write to TBA asking about game development opportunites with `consortium'.

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