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Soccer Kid

Shaun Hollingworth posted to the comp.sys.acorn.games newsgroup in September 1996 announcing that Krisalis would be happy to let Soccer Kid be ported to the Acorn platform without charge, as a good will gesture to thank Acorn users for having supported them in the past.

Here's the original article:

From: shaun@moatlane.demon.co.uk (Shaun Hollingworth)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.acorn.games
Subject: Acorn 32 bit Soccer Kid. Would you like it shareware?
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 18:41:49 GMT

Following recent discussion in the newsgroup, about Soccer Kid on the Acorn machine, and also the return of my business partner Tony Kavanagh from holiday, it has been decided, that if anyone is interested, we are prepared, subject to still having everything, to release the source code, and graphics data for the 3d0/Amiga program, to an individual/ team of individuals, so that it can be converted into a 'shareware' version of the game.

It should be noted that the Amiga version is 100% 68000 coded, with direct hardware access, and the 3d0 version is big endian, arm code.

As you will know, this would mean, that the people who did the conversion, would have the right to ask anyone who has the game, for a donation towards the cost of the conversion. It must be acknowledged however, this would not give them any commercial rights to the 'Soccer Kid' character, whatsoever.

Krisalis software, does not seek to profit in any way whatsoever, from such a work, and it would be given as good will, to Acorn users, for all support we have had in the past. We ourselves, do not have time, or free personnel to covert, and release the product.

As in everything, there will be some strings attached for anyone interested.

This is a preliminary draught of such strings:

  1. Any finished program shall be approved by Krisalis Software Ltd., for inclusion of copyright messages, quality and gaming standards. Also, for standards, of taste, and decency in accordance with our own public image.
    We would not unreasonably withhold such approval however.
  2. The work will acknowledge the copyright ownership by Krisalis of the character 'Soccer Kid' and the people taking up this offer, shall sign such an acknowledgement, and agreement, that we keep proprietary rights to the character 'soccer kid', as he may appear again in a computer game or animation film of our design at a future time. Krisalis Software does not wish to benefit financially in any way from revenues derived 'Acorn 32 bit Shareware soccer kid game' however.
  3. The game shall not be sold commercially, by way of usual trade distribution, or retail outlet. Only sale by the accepted shareware channels, or direct sale by the conversion people, to the end user would be allowed.
    Krisalis shall take no interest, in any problem, by any user. That would be the responsibility of the shareware programmers.
  4. The only individuals entitled to a financial interest in the Acorn shareware program, shall be the programmers, graphic artists, and musical talent, involved in the creation of this shareware version of the program.
    They shall not charge excessively for the use of the shareware program, and in any event no more than fifteen pounds at the first release of the program, and no more than ten pounds, after 6 months. (negotiable however, but charge limits must be agreed.)
  5. Krisalis cannot supply much technical support, for this game. If we were to do that, we might as well do it ourselves. The main programmers on the commercial project, have long since left the company.
  6. Priority consideration would be given, to those who would formally offer to make the finished Acorn version source code publicly available, at a minimum shareware cost, for other users, to study.
  7. If the 3d0 ARM and 'C' source is provided, no discussion whatsoever, can be entered, into any of the operating system calls, used in that version. These must remain proprietary to 3d0. Certain parts of the 3d0 source code, may be removed, or amended, if we think we may infringe the rights of 3d0, by our delivery of such listings to any third party.
  8. The choice of the person(s) to do the shareware version, shall be for Krisalis Software to make, and shall be based solely on our perception of their ability to create an accurate reproduction of our 'soccer kid' computer game.
  9. As Krisalis software does not seek to benefit financially, Krisalis software cannot give financial support to any person or team whilst they undertake any conversion of the 'Soccer Kid' game to an Acorn platform.
  10. Matters contained herein do not constitute any agreement, with any party whatsoever, and are subject to variation, until a formal signed agreement is entered into, by Krisalis Software Ltd, and any 'third party.'
    It is not envisaged, that legal entities be required to formalise this agreement, but should it be required by any third party, that party must meet the costs of our legal advisor, as well as their own!

Most of these conditions are to protect our interest and rights in the 'soccer kid' character, and to keep a reasonable relationship with the Acorn user base. Some would be in the third party's interest as well.

Anyone interested. please reply to me after two weeks, and if possible discuss views, here in this thread, beforehand. (thanks.) Anyone else with any opinion, is also welcome to comment.

I have done an archive check, for the source data and it seems the data is still in our possession, but have not yet checked it out.

Best and sincere regards.


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