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There seems to be a strong tendency for people to announce games long before they even exist, and then never get round to finishing them - or even starting them sometimes. So it's with healthy scepticism that I repeat this announcement from comp.sys.acorn.games. In fact, I doubt it'll ever materialise, but this may be of interest to somebody!

From: hutzelm@worms.fh-rpl.de (The Blue Ninja)
Subject: New Shoot'em UP planned
Date: 15 Aug 1996 15:14:02 GMT

Some good News:
Vectrocon / Fairlight bought a RiscPC 600 (RO3.6) and he will probably do a game with me.

It will be a shoot'em up with realistic graphics, scrolling from right to left. You will have a little Spaceship which has to bomb out an alien galaxy.


  • New inventive graphical effects
  • Very good Playability (main target)
  • Stereo-sound-fx (maybe even Dolby Surround)
  • At least 32000 Colours on Risc PCs
You can expect new and groovy Monsters

For this project we are searching for some graphicians who could create some nice grafics using Raytracers and/or by hand in min 32000 Colours.

If you are the right one and have ENOUGH sparetime to do something like this, then send me an E-mail. Some demopictures would be nice, too!

Anybody who wants to join the project may send me an answer, too!

Bye bye

Lars Hutzelmann


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