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From: EPfarr@t-online.de (Eduard Pfarr)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.acorn.games
Subject: Re: Sensible Soccer

Gareth Edmondsn <G.J.Edmondson.01@trinity-cm.ac.uk> wrote on 26-Mar-1996 in article <31584317.4E98@trinity-cm.ac.uk> :


Does anybody have a program or a cheat that will let me change the keys
in the two player mode of Sensible Soccer?

Yes. Please find it below. Sorry, it's a bit oblong, but probalby useful.

Btw, don't run the patch on your original disc but on your backup. Merge the two discs in one folder on the harddisc. Before running the key patcher you've to set the CSD (current selected dir) in !Soccer. NB: When you run the game you've still to put the original disc in the floppy drive to let it check some disc tracks.


PS: Sensible Soccer forever! :)

Click here to download the attached BASIC program. (1.5K)

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