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  • You can connect Super Nintendo joypads to your Acorn using the 'N'interface from Stuart Tyrrell Developments, which connects into the printer port, but provides a "printer through" connector. It sells for £ 24.95. More details from http://www.stdevel.co.uk/ or NInterface@STDevel.demon.co.uk
  • Stuart Tyrrell Developments also have a budget joystick interface called Solo retailing for £ 14.95 fully inclusive. It fits to the parallel (printer) port, allowing the use of a single Atari-style joystick.
  • TBA sell a range of good value joypads which plug into the printer port, and work both with the standard Acorn interface and by allowing you to simulate key presses with the joypad (great for avoiding key clash problems on the Risc PC). More details are available from tba@tbalond.demon.co.uk.

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