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Overview - Generation Design

Generation Design are continuing to produce budget games for the Acorn market. Their software is targetted at general family use rather than at hardened gamers - the emphasis is on a simple game with simple graphics that will appeal to younger players. If you're the sort of person who enjoys playing something like Alone in the Dark or Sim City 2000 then their games probably aren't for you.

[Screenshot of a Generation Design game]

Just about all of their games are definitely for children, in my opinion, but they're all cheap. You can now buy a CD from APDL ("Archimedes Public Domain Library") with all Generation Design games on for £16.50 plus £1 postage and packaging.

Generation Design's games include Caves of Confusion, a sideways-scrolling shoot'em'up; The Last CyberMoch, a sideways scrolling platform game; RoboCatch, a space invaders-type game; SeaTrek, where you must wander around a large scrolling area collecting objects; and The Pharaoh's Secret Tombs, where you must click on sequences of arrows to guide a character roun the screen.

Generation Design offer a free 14-day home trial of their games - for more information write to:

2, Whitecliff Gardens
Blandford Forum
DT11 7BU
Tel. (01258) 452507
Email: genden@argonet.co.uk

All their games work on any RISC OS version, and recent versions of their software work with both 8-bit and 16-bit sound systems.

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