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Plig is a simple freeware puzzle game with graphics generated using Top Model and Artworks. It can be downloaded from Skullsoft's web pages. The latest version of the game adds five levels to the initial release. Following a strong demand, Plig 2 is now planned!

Arya: The Dragon's Quest

Skullsoft's shareware text adventure game with graphics - and which also includes some graphical puzzles - has recently been updated to fix a few bugs. You can download an upgrade from Skullsoft's web site.

[Title screen]Rather unusually for a game such as this there is no clear aim - the text merely describes you awaking with a hangover, then leaves you to get on with your life. This doesn't really matter, but it does seem a bit odd!

The game runs outside the desktop in a high-resolution mode, but a graphical interface means you can control a lot of the game with the mouse, which is nice, and the compass is a good addition, with points which light up to show you which ways you can go, saving you from having to mess about trying all the exits, or reading back up the screen to extract them from a mass of text.


Arya uses real time to decide on the time of day within the game, the weather and the behaviour of characters within the game, but is apparently designed so that it should never become so difficult that you get completely stuck!

[Skullsoft logo]At a total cost of £6.50 this game is hardly likely to dent your wallet, and the shareware try-before-you-buy system means you'd be hard pressed to lose out! Arya is available from Skullsoft's web pages - this demo version includes about one third of the entire game. Email chris@eganc.demon.co.uk if you require more information.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

A new version of WFRP, a character genterator for Hogshead's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game is now available. This is also Freeware and on Skullsoft's web pages.

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