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[Icon]Dungeon Quest, by J. Abbot and H. Fiennes, is a pretty old dungeon adventure game in which you wander round dungeons (oddly enough) killing monsters, finding treasure and power-ups and trying to find the exit to the next level of the dungeon.

[Screenshot 1]
Let's explore

The game itself is nothing to write home about - the graphics aren't that good and although it tries to be a fairly professional game unfortunately the lack of playability, fuelled by the lack of variety in the graphics (for example you'd be forgiven for thinking these screenshots were from the same level - they're not), make it a freeware game that you'd probably bother to have a quick bash at but you wouldn't bother to come back again.

Luckily, it does at least partially redeem itself with a great four player mode. The screen is split into four quarters and each player moves freely within the level, with their quarter of the screen scrolling as they move. In this way you can have four people rushing around the dungeon trying to find the exit and collect the treasure before the others and then get to the exit before they find themselves in the middle of a goblin-infested dead-end. This can be pretty good fun, especially on the second level when there is a quick dash to the end of a corridor where there are four speed-ups to be found - whichever player gets to collect these whizzes off around the level, merely a blur to their less lucky friends.

[Screenshot 2]
Merlin's in trouble now!

This is a very nicely implemented multiplayer game, and I suppose it's not too bad as a single player dungeon game, although it soon gets monotonous very quickly. Not one you'll keep coming back to, then, but good for a quick bash with a few friends.

Review by:
David Sharp, 21/5/98

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