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Welcome to Acorn Gaming. For the 10 years from 1993 to 2003 this site was the longest-running regularly-updated Acorn web magazine in existence. It is now no longer updated. For up to date Acorn games news take a look at Acorn Arcade.

My other sites include:
PuzzleMix.com - new puzzles online every day
HowToVote.co.uk - tick a few boxes and find out How To Vote in the UK general election 2010
Sudoku Xtra - monthly logic and Japanese number puzzle magazine

News is on the News and Emulation pages. Latest stories include:

Doom It Yourself update
New game patches
Some new freeware games
Pyro update for Tek

Last updated: 5/4/2003

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Authoritative and informative, Acorn Gaming covers all games and emulators which run on RISC OS computers, providing not only the latest news and reviews but also a vast quantity of archived information on older games and a comprehensive collection of links to the rest of the internet. Choose from the options at the top and side of this page to browse the site.

Acorn Gaming will be ten years old towards the end of this year and I'd love to hear your opinions on the site - please email me!

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Last updated: 5/4/2003


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Welcome to Acorn Gaming, the longest-running Acorn web magazine in existence.

For the latest news take a look at the News, Emulation and Previews sections.

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Full Tek review now online - finally!
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