Thank you to VOTI fans for emailing me with support. Knowing how many people view this site I will put it back up over the next couple of weeks. However, my feelings still exist towards ROL and may stage another web protest in several months if there has been no change (as if). To tempt you more when I upload the site again you will see something new and mouth watering that will be stopped if ROL doesn't change its policy. One of the projects I have been working on that should get some attention and will be a loss if ROL don't change it's terrible ways.

Original message:
I (Nathan) have temporarily pulled the VOTI pages in protest to my personal opinion in how this market is run. My confidence has dropped significantly due to the number of colleagues that have left the market. There has been no change in policy to keep hold of users. Many people on usenet are of the opinion that everything is fine, I do not feel this is so. Pace *are* doing a good job but I don't personally feel that ROL are doing this market justice or helping it progress.

It's just a matter of time.

An interesting article that was sent to me and you can read resides here.

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